Guest Appearance – Cutscenes: A Video Game Movie Podcast – Resident Evil: Extinction

Now that this section of the blog is up to date, I can finally announce some current news, and that is that I am on another Episode of Cutscenes! This week was my second appearance, and the third in the series of the Resident Evil movies. Once again, I had an absolute blast, this time re-watching Resident Evil: Extinction and getting to chat to these wonderful people about it.

I am still confused as to my feelings towards this film. What I can say I have discovered is I think expectations highly influence my enjoyment and opinion of a media. If you go back to listen to the Resident Evil: Apocalypse episode you will hear a very different take on that to what I say here.. but is this a better film..? I DON’T KNOW. Please do check out the rest of the Cutscenes catalogue. It is fun, fresh and light hearted content created by wonderful people and they deserve all of the love.

Available on your platform of choice!

This episode aired on 18/03/2021. Please show them that love by subscribing on your platform of choice, leaving them a five star review, and recommend them to someone you think might enjoy! It all helps them grow and they deserve all the success they can get.

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