Guest Appearance – Left Behind Game Club – The Nonary Games: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

After taking part in the Psychonauts episode of Left Behind Game Club, I was lucky enough to be invited back on, this time to discuss a very different game. The Nonary Games: 999 is the first in a series of visual novels, full of mystery, twists and turns. It is quite a special series on its own, but in addition to that it was one of the first games that I Lets Played on my YouTube channel!

It was super fun to get to talk about a game that I love, and it was nice to have different perspectives on the show. I have to warn though, you must play the game before listening. We go heavy on the spoilers, and there are a lot! If you enjoy mysteries, a plot that keeps you guessing, unique vibes and escape rooms, it is a must play!

Available on your platform of choice!

This episode aired on 16/06/2021. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Left Behind Game Club and give them a 5 star rating if you enjoy their content, it helps them out and they definitely deserve it! Have a scroll through their content and I can guarantee there will be some episodes for you.

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