Game Reviews & Thought Pieces

I wrote a lot of game reviews a while ago, long before I started creating video content. They are from my perspective – a person that missed out on a lot of games and is discovering them as I go. Less of a professional critique and more of an exercise of exploration.

My reviews are generally structured so that the first half is spoiler free. Since I love to discuss the story, there is a Spoiler warning in the middle and after that, everything is fair game. Please tread with caution!

I’m also excited to get started on some more general thought pieces inspired by games!

A Noobs Review – Hades

I feel I need to start this one with a disclaimer. Reviews are subjective. I am going to talk about my experience with the game as a person who doesn’t play games for their combat. People who like the challenge may disagree with what I say, as I have seen many people online say this … Continue reading “A Noobs Review – Hades”

A Noobs Review – Stray

This year I have been blessed with the amount of ‘me’ games that I have been able to play. Stray, I am pleased to admit, is one of them. Without playing it, it is easy to think of it as nothing more than ‘that cat game’. That is how I thought of it before. I … Continue reading “A Noobs Review – Stray”

Noobs Top 10 of 2021

I like to consider myself a patient gamer. I don’t really buy new games, which means I often don’t have a lot to contribute to the Game of the Year conversations. I am however, an avid list keeper and would love to write about the top 10 games that I experienced this year! I am … Continue reading “Noobs Top 10 of 2021”

Review: Journey – PS4

I had heard a lot about this strange little game and it was free one month on PS Plus so I jumped at the chance to play it. I had heard that it was only a short game and that people had such emotional reactions to it. I was very intrigued as to why everyone … Continue reading “Review: Journey – PS4”

Review – Until Dawn – PS4

Until Dawn is a Horror Survival Game with a difference. It plays similar to Heavy Rain, by which I mean your choices determine the outcome of the game. The butterfly effect system means that certain things that you do or choices that you make can hugely change your game, making everyone’s first play-through unique to … Continue reading “Review – Until Dawn – PS4”

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