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Let’s Play – Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is a game inspired by tabletop RPGs. Set in deep space, we play as a sleeper – a human consciousness uploaded into a robot frame. Escaping a life of corporate slavery, we find ourselves on a space station full of outcasts and misfits, all just trying to get by. Though helping others, we…

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2022 Reflections and 2023 Goals

I wasn’t going to make a New Year post this year, but upon reflection it almost feels necessary. Instead of publicly reflecting on what has been a particularly difficult year for me, I think it will be a lot more useful and enjoyable to think of what comes next.   A constant in my life is…

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Enooble Me – A Membership Update

Hey everyone! I started the year with the introduction of Enoobler Memberships and honestly, they have been fundamental to the amount of time I am able to currently spend creating content. When I first set them up I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted or needed them to be, so now – 10 months later…

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Channel Update – December 2022

Hey guys, it is that time again for a channel update! Some personal issues that I am having are seriously impacting my ability to provide the content that I have promised and I hate it so much. I think my schedule needs to be a fluid thing untill I figure out something that works for…

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