Guest Appearance – Cutscenes: A Video Game Movie Podcast – Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Jacob McCourt (host of The ‘Left Behind Game Club), alongside friends Katie Lesperance and Travis Colenutt, created a new podcast called ‘Cutscenes’. In this podcast, they talk about movies and tv shows that are based on or around video games. I like to say that they watch them so that we don’t have too! The show is a tonne of fun with amazing segments thought up by these amazing people, and I was extremely lucky to be one of the first guests!

The gang covered the first Resident Evil movie in Season 1 and it was my favourite episode, so I was extremely hype to get to join them for Resident Evil Apocalypse! As someone who remembers these films from growing up and is a fan of the games, doing a re-watch was quite a trip. If you would like to hear the breakdown – both of the film and in laughter – then you can listen below!!

Available on your platform of choice!

This episode aired on 18/03/2021. If you enjoy please don’t forget to subscribe to them on your platform of choice. They are a joy to listen to and there is a nice backlog there already for you to catch up on, as at the time of writing Season 3 has recently begun!

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