Guest Appearance – Left Behind Game Club – Psychonauts

The ‘Left Behind Game Club’ is a a fortnightly book club style podcast. Hosted by Jacob McCourt, Mike Ruffolo and Moe Murtadi, every episode they play a game and get together to talk about it in an aim to recreate that feeling of discovering a new game with friends at release. In their ~1 hour show they chat about the game, their experience with it and their opinions via some fun segments. It is a nice easy listen with a great variety of games, it truly is a pleasure every episode.

I have been listening to podcasts for a few years now and this is one of my favourites, so you can imagine how it felt getting the message about being a guest! I was a ball of nerves but the guys were great, and through this show I was introduced to the wonderful world of Psychonauts. If you enjoy 3D platformers, interesting level design, humorous games and a story on acid then I highly recommend playing the game before listening. It is a PS2 game and while it does show its age in some aspects, it is still wholly playable. More than that, I think it is very worth your time! Then don’t forget to come back and hear our thoughts on it 🙂

Available on your platform of choice!

This episode aired on 28/10/2021. If you enjoyed please do check out the rest of their work. At the time of writing they are 131 episodes in and still going strong! That leave a great backlog for you to catch up on, and it is available on most podcasting platforms of your choice!

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