Channel Update – December 2022

Hey guys, it is that time again for a channel update!

Some personal issues that I am having are seriously impacting my ability to provide the content that I have promised and I hate it so much. I think my schedule needs to be a fluid thing untill I figure out something that works for both me and everyone who supports me.


I am going to try going back to 3 set streams a week. I feel like I am currently cancelling more than I am doing. Through the nature of the current flexible schedule they were always going to change, but I can’t get my head around feeling like every time slot that I don’t stream is a failure (even though I know it is not) so obviously the system isn’t working for me.

So the new schedule trial is going to be –

  • Monday – 1pm GMT
  • Thursday – 4pm GMT
  • Sunday – 5pm GMT

These are the days that fit the best around my other commitments. It does mean that there will only be 2 evening streams, I apologise for that.

When it comes to my Evening/Day stream games, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. I would like a name for my day stream concept, then we can just do them whenever. The biggest concern is that if I play an evening game on a day stream then people may miss chunks of the game. I will open this up to discussion in Discord.


There will be no change with Indie Showcase, they will continue to release weekly.

I would like to bring back Let’s Plays. I miss making them. Regardless of how well they do, I think having a balance of solo recording time and live streaming time brings out the best of both – quality wise. I haven’t decided on any games yet but I am going to take a look in the coming days.

So the new YT schedule should be –

  • Monday – Let’s Play
  • Tuesday – VOD
  • Wednesday – Let’s Play
  • Thursday – VOD
  • Friday – Let’s Play
  • Saturday – Indie Showcase
  • Sunday – VOD 


I would really like to make this into something. I spent some time last week intending to upgrade it but deciding I like it the way it is. It is a fun outlet for me and I have some ideas to make the individual posts a lot cooler if I can figure it out. Sort of like taking elements from the design of my Magazine and incorporating them into the posts here. These are only in the early idea phase so I have a lot of playing to do.

I plan to continue with reviews, eventually finish some of the thought pieces I started and most importantly to me, cover the Indie Game Festivals. I would love to do some sort of monthly round up of the game services and some other stuff but these are eventualities.

I would also love to get back to weekly Tuesday posts but I have no guarantees, I need to see how the above scheduling goes first.

I designed my (previous) new schedule to make sure I had 2 days off while maximising conent. What ended up happening is that I only saw my fixed Saturday as my day off. I would then burn out during the week and have accidental days off, which lead to the spiral of working on my scheduled days off to make up for it. With this new more fixed schedule I have 2 days off, as well as time to focus on Streams, YouTube and the Blog respectively. I am going to try this out for the rest of the year. I still have other projects that I would love to work on but first, I need to go back to basics.

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Enooble Me – A Membership Update

Hey everyone! I started the year with the introduction of Enoobler Memberships and honestly, they have been fundamental to the amount of time I am able to currently spend creating content. When I first set them up I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted or needed them to be, so now – 10 months later – it is finally time for a revamp. I am happy with the content that I’m posting but I wanted to make it more appealing outside of the platform too. So if you would like to get regular updates, first looks, credit in my videos, first dibs of in game characters, a chance to maybe very slightly sway the games that I play, and of course to help me out, please consider a membership.

What is a Membership?

It is a way to support me financially on a monthly basis and getting some perks back in return.

Why would I become a Member?

  • If you enjoy my non-monetised content and would like to support it.
  • I get a bigger cut from Buy Me a Coffee than I do from Twitch (95/5 vs 50/50) so if you would like more of what you spend to reach me this is one way.
  • For extra Noob content including updates and previews.

What do I get?

There are three tiers of membership –

Enoobling The Noob Level 1 – £5 per month

  • Fortnightly Noob.exe Patch Notes – This is a summary of what I have been doing for the last two weeks, the content I have made, the games I have played, how things are going etc.
  • Indie Showcase – A monthly post of all of the games I am going to play for the next month of Indie Showcase in advance.
  • Blog – A monthly post of how my writing is going and what to expect on my blog.
  • Behind the Scenes – Occasional posts of things that I am working on like emote previews, clips from videos, thumbnails, stream updates, miscellaneous projects etc.
  • Announcements and First Looks – These aren’t all that often but members are the first to know.
  • *New* First Dibs on Game Characters – If I am going to play a game that allows the naming of characters and you are at the stream, you get priority.
  • *Updated* Discord – There is a Discord channel for members where I intend to post more real-time updates about the things I am working on and where we can talk about secrets 👀 Members also have access to my Twitch sub channel.
  • *Updated* Credit – Be in the Members list at the end of my streams and videos (ordered based on Membership Level).
  • Eternal Gratitude.

Enoobling The Noob Level 2 – £10 per month

  • Everything from Level 1
  • *New* Super Star – I have a system in Discord that allows me to gauge interest in the games that I have lined up to play. Everyone can put one star on as many games as they like in the list. A star acts as a tally mark and the games with the most are at the top of the list. As a Level 2+ Enoobler, you can have a Super Star for one game on the ‘Day Streams’ list, and a Super Star for one game on the ‘Evening Streams’ list. A Super Star is worth 2 stars, so if you have a strong preference for a game, you can vote for it and it will get an extra point. Once I have played the game that you put your Super Star on, you will be able to put it on a new game. (Disclaimer: I am not guaranteed to play games in any order, these are just to show me where interest is. I do however seem to be prioritising games with 2 or more stars at the moment)

Enoobling The Noob Level 3 – £69 per month

  • Everything from Levels 1 + 2.
  • Memes.


If you do not want or are unable to commit to a monthly donation, it is also possible to do a one off tip via the ‘Buy Me a Game‘ button. Buy Me a Coffee allows me to offer rewards in return for a donation sum. I am going to get my thinking cap on to see if I can come up with anything fun, and in the meantime, Alien: Isolation has moved from being a Membership to being an Extra.

Non-Monetary Support

It is understandable that not everyone is able to support financially, but there are other ways that you can help. If you enjoy my content, sharing it with a friend (or stranger) could help me grow to new audiences. Liking and commenting on my videos lets me know that you have enjoyed it and gives the video a boost. Even letting me know if there is a specific piece of content that you like can be a huge morale boost and help shape the channel.

Making posts like this is hard. I don’t like asking for things, whether it is time, money or anything else. It is just, at this time I am going all in on my content and I have to know that I tried everything that I could to make it work long term. What that looks like right now is trying to sustain myself financially, while also trying to help my content grow to a wider audience. The story/exploration based, semi-indie, semi-old, not too serious long-plays that I do feels like a very niche area, but based on the amazing times we have I am sure that if I can get the word out, there will be more people out there that would enjoy my content.

And that is that! All that is left to thank everyone for their continued support. I am very lucky. If anyone would like to join my membership, make a one off donation or check out my page, you can do so here.

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