Let’s Play – Jessika

I was going to play this one for Halloween but got the opportunity to jump in earlier!

Jessika is a German, Indie, FMV Detective game developed by Tritrie Games. This game first jumped onto my radar at the Steam Game Festival, where it was one of my favourite demos of the Summer Edition 2020. I was instantly drawn into the immersive UI and I have a building fascination with FMV games after working in video IRL. Join me as continue beyond ‘that moment’ in the demo and attempt to unravel the mystery of what exactly did happen to Jessika.

Unfortunately, the first two episodes I had some technical difficulties on my end. The audio of the game did not record, so I went back and recorded all of the video logs and some background noise and edited them back in. Sadly (but also obviously) it is not as effective as the real game so please don’t judge the game on that! I had so many technical difficulties through no fault of the game, I think my play through was cursed 😅 The audio issues were solved by Episode 3!

Many thanks to Tritrie Games for the copy of the game, it’s very much appreciated.

Full playlist available on Youtube!

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