Review – Stardew Valley – PS4

Stardew Valley is a top-down, indie, farming game, developed by solo developer, Eric Barone. I had heard a lot about Stardew Valley being this amazing, relaxing and addictive game, but originally I was put off by the 2D graphics. Eventually though, I had a massive Harvest Moon itch and Stardew Valley went on sale. I took the plunge and never once regretted it!

This game has a lot to offer, especially to think that it was made by one guy! You control a little character who has inherited their grandfathers land, and from then, it is basically up to you what you want to do. Farming crops, farming animals, fishing, foraging, mining and crafting are all ways to make money. The village is full of characters that you can befriend by giving them gifts. The more hearts you get, you get new dialogue and can eventually marry certain characters. You can collect resources to upgrade your farm, just first you have to choose which upgrade you want to get.

The game runs in days. You have a certain amount of energy and a certain amount of time to get everything you want to do done. There are 28 days in a season, and in each season you get new crops, new fish and new dialogue. There are festivals on certain days and birthdays on others. There is a community centre you can help rebuild or a corporation you can invest in depending on your mood, and there are plenty of hidden areas that you can only reach with certain upgrades. By the time you set yourself some goals and commit to them, then after ‘just one more day’, you will realise its 3am and you haven’t moved for the last 8 hours.

The game is charming. It really is a great Harvest Moon substitute, and as I was playing I kept feeling surprised that there was still yet more things to discover. The artwork is lovely with the seasonal changes and the music fits well. Although there isn’t really a ‘storyline’, it is the perfect game to just pick up and get lost in. The trouble is, I have sunk into the organisation hole. I spent the first year of the game just going with the flow, but then by winter, I started planning everything out. Now, I know I am going for the Platinum so I only play when I know I have time to concentrate for a while. Overall though, this game can be whatever you want to be. If you want to farm, farm. If you get bored of farming, fish. If you get bored of fishing, mine. There are plenty of paths that you can take.

What do you think of Stardew Valley? Are you impressed or underwhelmed? Are you addicted?

3 thoughts on “Review – Stardew Valley – PS4”

  1. I love Stardew Valley. I didn’t think it was the game for me when I picked it up, but it had such a great price with the Steam Summer Sale that I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t get it. I didn’t expect to become hooked as deeply as I did!

    If I could go back and do it over, I would pick the regular farm layout instead of the river farm layout. I don’t fish as often as I thought I would, and I wish I had more space for planting crops (the river layout forces some awkward crop layouts).

    I’ll probably start a new game and go the corporation route so I can get all the achievements for the game. It’ll probably be easier since I’ll know what I’m doing the next time around!


    1. We had such a similar experience! I didn’t think I was going to love it but I think it’s such a nice game and insanely addictive once you start!

      Omg you can choose different farm layouts? I didn’t even realise this, that’s awesome! I’m going to do the same as you and choose a different layout for my corporate play-through. Yeah I think your right it will definitely be easier the second time because you don’t accidentally waste the first season figuring everything out lol!

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