Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition 2020

The first Steam Game Festival that got my attention was the Winter Edition 2019, where around 8 game demos were available to try for a couple of days. I didn’t make any content about them at the time but I tried 4 of them – Spiritfarer and The Drifter being stand outs – and had a really great time. I loved the whole idea of showcasing some games that you may otherwise not see and was delighted to see the Festival return bigger and better in the Spring.

For the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition 2020 I decided to make some videos. If I remember correctly there were around 40 demos available for 4 days. I played as many as I could, recording the experience, and then made a highlight video of my favorite experiences. I managed to play 20, which are all available to view in the playlist below.

Even though the festival is long over, that doesn’t change my opinion of how much attention some of these games deserve!

Full playlist of the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition 2020, featuring 20 demos!

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