Review – Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell – PS4

‘Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell’ is a DLC for ‘Saints Row IV’. It was free one month on PS Plus so I downloaded it. I bought ‘Saints Row: The Third’ for PS3 but never got around to playing it so this was my first experience of the Saints Row series. The only thing I knew about it is that apparently it is a GTA rip-off, however, I think that gets said about any open world game with crime. I found it’s actually more of a spoof of these kind of games.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell_20170215174720

So, Gat Out Of Hell is set in hell and I found the whole setting/situation hilarious. The Devil has kidnapped one of your friends to marry his daughter, Jezebel. The aim of the game is to put the Devil in his place and punch him in the face.  There are 5 areas of hell that you first need to take over and make allies before the final confrontation. You take over hell by completing the quests/mini games and learn new abilities along the way. It is a pretty short game if you are only completing the story-line (it is only DLC). However, it is quite decent if you are a completionist, I think you could definitely spend 20 hours (actually you have to for one of the trophies) without getting bored, although it might get a bit grindy by the end.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell_20170215180513

I found some of the controls great and some were clunky as hell. No pun intended. At first I didn’t think I was going to figure out how to use combat properly because I was struggling with the moving/aiming etc. It becomes a lot easier once you start gaining more powers. You start off being able to fly and super-sprint. You can then upgrade these abilities using collectables you find to fly for longer, run faster etc. The flying is amazing, I really enjoyed just flying around. It only got annoying when I got the wall running upgrade then any time I was near a wall I would start running up it instead of continuing flying. The super-sprint is also good except it gets a bit annoying when you are trying to get somewhere quickly without incident, you accidentally bash into someone and send them flying resulting in a wanted level. It’s easy to get rid of the wanted level – you just go to the nearest weapons vending machine – but it’s a bit of a pain in the ass.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell_20170215173553

If you are looking for a really challenging game then this isn’t it. Once you get more powers you get pretty over powered and don’t have too much trouble killing enemies. However, it is a shit tonne of fun sending demons flying all over the place. I enjoyed the atmosphere, and considering it is set in hell, the world felt really alive. Demons beating down on husks, cars and husks spontaneously combusting, it is pretty funny. The music and sound effects were perfect, I loved the music that played when you were near certain collectibles. The whole structure of hell, the rules and the mini-games were really funny. I got a good few laughs.

You can choose between two characters – Gat and Kinzie – so if one gets on your nerves too much then you can just switch. They both have their own set of collectibles too, whether that is a good or a bad thing is down to you. There is a co-op mode that I have yet to try. I think it is online only, not couch co-op which is a shame.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell_20170215175118

Overall, I thought this game was great. It has kept me entertained for hours and I don’t think it deserves the awful reviews it has got. I can’t complain, I got it for free, but also if I had got it for under £10 I would still have been happy. Don’t play it for a masterpiece. Remember it is DLC. Play it for a laugh and to wreck some shit and you will have a blast! I will definitely be playing the other Saints Row games in due course to see the actual context of everything that happened and the characters, and just to have some more fun game-play. Enjoy!

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell_20170215200515

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