PS Plus – February 2020

We got 4 games in January, so Sony decided they were going to one up themselves and give us 5 for February. Firewall: Zero Hour was a bonus PSVR game provided in February. Unfortunately I don’t have a video for that as I was having some PSVR/Capture Card issues.

BioShock: The Collection contains not only all of the current games but all of the DLC too.
BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite are all included, except Infinite is on a separate download to the previous two.

The fact that I have watched this game before is the only reason I made it so far in my Let’s Try. The city of Rapture is a very cool setting, the sound design is great and the retro atmosphere is chilling.

The Sims 4 was a welcome surprise for me as a PS Plus game. I bought it at launch for PC and I can’t lie I was disappointed after 3. I played once, uninstalled it and shelved it. Since then I had another go and got more enjoyment out of it, however it is intensive on my laptop. So I was very excited to try it on PS4.

It turned out to be enjoyable enough. I’ll keep it on my console to scratch that Sims itch that comes around every few month. There is also the option of buying the expansion packs if you want more content, which go on sale fairly regularly.

Last month marked the beginning of my new thumbnail design, and this month I begun to use my new intro and outro! I am not 100% happy with it yet, it still needs some tweaks. What do you think of it?

Playlist contains all monthly games!

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