PS Plus 2019 – Top 10 Games

I was a bit late to make this video but it was the first list type video that I made and I would like to continue over the years!

Disclaimer – these are my own personal picks that may or may not differ to everyone elses. There were a lot of good games in 2019 to choose from.

10. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – The Handsome Collection contains two games. ‘Borderlands 2’ and ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’. Not being a FPS fan but being a Tales from the Borderlands fan, this was a great game for me. I would never have bought it but it was fun and interesting to get to explore the universe of Borderlands for myself.

9. The Last of Us Remastered – I have to admit, I am not as big of a fan of this game as everyone else seems to be. I had already watched a Let’s Play of it as it felt too much like horror to me, and for some reason the story/characters didn’t click with me. You have to admit though, it is a milestone in gaming history and it is such an important game that it is nice to get it on PS Plus. Especially for the people who maybe didn’t buy the remaster but wanted to replay before the sequel.

8. Hitman – I already had a few levels on my account that have been given away for free over the years. Still, the full game is a very welcome addition to my collection. The variety in missions and the vast amount of approaches you can take makes this game quite special. This version also works in the Hitman 2 game which is a bonus. You can download the base of Hitman 2 for free from the PS Plus store, then download the Hitman 1 chapters from within there to get the most recent versoin.

7. Nioh – I am not at all the type of person to play a Souls type game. I have tried at least 4 times now. There was something about this one though that made me enjoy the time I spent with it. I enjoyed the setting of the opening level, and I feel like a lot of people may have skipped over this game, which made me pleased that more people will try it now.

6. For Honor – For Honor is yet another game that I would never normally play. I am not a combat person. However, there was something about the steep learning curve of the combat, combined with the really cool online multiplayer modes that gave me so. much. fun.

5. Titanfall 2 – As I mentioned before, I am not an FPS fan. However, if there is any FPS that I can see myself finishing it is this one. It subverted my expectations and made for a really cool and varied experience.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight – I have only played a couple of hours of this game. I am a total Marvel fan girl that has never been able to get away with Batman. And even though I enjoyed playing Spider-Man PS4, but I think this game is better. As soon as I have played the previous installments I will most certainly be back to play this game.

3. Overcooked – The perfect couch co-op game. I have ranted and raved about how much I love overcooked so I won’t go on for too long here, but if you have family members that don’t really game but you want to have a laugh (or a fight), you should 100% make them play Overcooked. It has been the staple for our Christmas for the last 2 years and we never get bored.

2. Detroit: Become Human – I already bought this game at launch, completed it and also made a Let’s Play. But despite that, I was happy for other people getting to play it through PS Plus. David Cage gets a lot of shit, and yes some of the themes may be heavy handed, but if you go into this experience with no spoilers and make your own decisions, there are so many possibilities and in my opinion it is totally worth your time.

1. What Remains of Edith Finch – Edith Finch takes my top spot. It is the only game this year that I didn’t already own that I went on to complete. It is a short game that you can finish in one sitting, and it’s the type of experience that will keep you thinking for days. If you think of ‘walking simulator’ as a derogatory term I really urge you to play this. It’s a great game.

TLDR: The 10 minute video version –

Video of my Top 10 Picks from the whole of 2019 PS Plus!

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