PS Plus – March 17

Reminder – If you are a PS Plus member, remember to add the games to your library each month, you don’t HAVE to download them. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever play it, it is worth having in your library just in case. You never know what is going to take you by surprise!

On my quest to play all sorts of different games, I have decided it would be fun to go back and play through my library of PS Plus games that I have never even looked at. I am (eventually) going to go through each month, from most to least recent, trying out these games and having my say about each one. I do hope this can be helpful to someone but if not, at least I’m finally trying these games!

P.S. I am only going to go through the PS4 games for now. Between my huge backlog and my slow old console, I’ve decided that will be best. Since I am not yet playing the PS3/Vita titles, I am going to write a quick summary from the info I find from my friend Google, just for my own future benefit/anyone curious about the full months line-up!

PS4 – Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway™ Unfolded_20170728201628

Tearaway Unfolded is 3D adventure platformer developed by Tarsier Studios and Media Molecule. You control a messenger as you traverse through their paper world, on a quest to repair the tear in the sky. As charming as the game attempts to be, sadly it didn’t really charm me. From the very opening, I felt, kind of patronised. The tone feels VERY geared towards kids. I am not someone that feels like I am above kiddy things. Sometimes I love kiddy things. But there is something about the way that the narrators were telling the story that completely drove me up the wall. I think the game would have benefited from getting rid of them completely.

Technically, this game is really innovative. It uses the motion control feature of your controller as well as the touch pad for drawing things. Not only that, there is a lot of customisation, and if you design something, it will keep popping up throughout the game. Having said that, even the drawing controls can be frustrating. Overall, I think this is a great game for kids. It encourages creativity, it is very forgiving and they can delve in as deep as they want, going for collectables or just sticking to the story. But then for adults, it depends on the individual. I hated the intro and the tutorial section glitched out on me. Usually I would have quit the game by then, but I thought no, let’s give it a chance, for the sake of my experiment. I played for hours, and by the end I just thought to myself, why am I still playing?  To be honest, every now and again when I have got the patience, I might chip away at the story just for the sake of completion, but I kind of wish that I had never started.

PS4 – Disc Jam

Disc Jam™_20170728201311

Disc Jam is an online arcade sport game developed by High Horse Entertainment. It is basically extreme tennis. It is fast paced and honestly, I have had a blast with it. I haven’t laughed so much for a while, it’s even got me shouting out at the TV when I am on my own. So far there are four playable characters with customisation options that you unlock with Disc Jams equivalent to loot boxes. You unlock these by spending the points you have earned by playing games. Thankfully, you earn plenty of points fast and there are plenty of things to win, so that encourages you to play more games. However, that is really the only sense of progression as there is no story or goals.

After playing the two tutorials, there are singles matches and doubles matches. For singles matches it was only taking me 10 seconds to find a game each time, although I did get pared up with the same person a couple of times. It was a lot harder to find doubles matches. After pissing off two partners with my non-abilities, I couldn’t find a match at all. I have to admit though, this game is fun. Apparently it matches you with people with similar abilities, but in my first two games I got absolutely SMASHED. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and everything that happened was funnier than the previous. Then on my third match I got paired up with someone who was even worse than me, which made it even funnier. Then I got smashed again, and then I started getting the hang of the controls. I have got to admit, one of the reasons I don’t really touch online games is because I am crap at them, so it puts me off because I don’t want to spoil anyone elses game. However, I did find it really uncool when my doubles partners were abandoning me near the end of the game, especially when I had got some pretty good shots. This game also contains couch co-op so I might have a crack with a friend some time. I don’t yet know if you can enter your couch co-op team into doubles matches but that would be fun.

PS4/Vita – Lumo


Lumo is an adventure platform puzzle game developed by Triple Eh? Ltd. I didn’t know what to expect with this one but as soon as I started controlling my little character, I was surprised at just how great this game looks. The graphics are lovely and the floating levels reminded me of Kula World from the PS1 days. As I was playing the first section I was getting more and more excited. In my head, a game I would love to try would be like the original Resident Evil, but without the survival horror aspect i.e. a pretty complex puzzle game without zombies. At the beginning I thought wow, that’s what I’m getting here and I decided I am going to finish it.

As the game went on though, I realised that the game was relying more and more on platforming and less and less on brain work. It was disappointing. I tried to keep going and get the game finished because I knew if I turned it off I might not turn it back on, but after getting the trophy for dying 250 times due to an unresponsive jump button and dodgy angles, I gave up. I’m pretty sure I was near the end but I couldn’t force myself to carry on. I am so sad that my enjoyment went downhill because I didn’t think that was the way it was going to go at all. It is worth a try by anyone who got it for free as it is a nice little game, but sadly it just didn’t turn out to be as clever as I thought it was going to be.

Vita – Severed

Severed is an action adventure game and was developed by DrinkBox Studios. It seems to be a very well regarded mobile game but I haven’t found much information about the Vita version.

PS3 – Earth Defence Force 2025

Earth Defence Force 2025 is a third person shooter developed by Sandlot. It is a sequel to Earth Defence Force 2017 and has quite mediocre reviews. In the game you play as the EDF, a military force tasked with protecting the earth from Aliens.

PS3 – Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late is a 2D fighter developed by Ecole Software and French-Bread. It is a Sci-Fi Supernatural visual novel, set in Japan. It was quite well received for being fun and unique.

Summary – To be honest, this is the weakest month yet for me (bearing in mind I am working backwards through the months). It was full of games that were promising, and I put time into, but turned out to be just disappointing. Disc Jam was a nice experience to have for free when I would never usually buy it, but I ended up so disappointed in Lumo. It had so much potential but is spoiled by dodgy controls. If they had put the difficulty into puzzles rather than bad angles then I would have loved it, I just don’t enjoy trying to do the same thing 100 times because I misjudged a movement. As for Tearaway, I had a gut feeling that I wasn’t going to enjoy the game but I had hoped it would prove me wrong. Maybe next time.

Did you enjoy the March Line-Up?

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