PS Plus – April 2017

Reminder – If you are a PS Plus member, remember to add the games to your library each month, you don’t HAVE to download them. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever play it, it is worth having in your library just in case. You never know what is going to take you by surprise!

On my quest to play all sorts of different games, I have decided it would be fun to go back and play through my library of PS Plus games that I have never even looked at. I am (eventually) going to go through each month, from most to least recent, trying out these games and having my say about each one. I do hope this can be helpful to someone but if not, at least I’m finally trying these games!

P.S. I am only going to go through the PS4 games for now. Between my huge backlog and my slow old console, I’ve decided that will be best. Since I am not yet playing the PS3 titles, I am going to write a quick summary from the info I find from my friend Google, just for my own future benefit/anyone curious about the full months line-up!

PS4 – Drawn to Death

Drawn to Death™_20170727160118

Drawn to Death is an online multiplayer shooter developed by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. It is third person and takes place in the form of sketches on paper. It is actually the first game that I have came across that had its initial release on PS Plus. You would think that would be a great idea for an online multiplayer wouldn’t you? Instant player base and all that. But sadly, the game didn’t seem to be too well received.

I have only recently started exploring online multiplayer shooter games. First with Paladins, which is free, then I did an Overwatch trial weekend (I actually preferred Paladins). I am not very good at the games but I am starting to appreciate why people like them. I have had a lot of fun and it feels great when your team wins. Drawn to Death had some modes that I haven’t played before which were very interesting. Core Deathmatch – where you earn a point for a kill and lose a point for a death, was particularly interesting to me, although it doesn’t suit me well because I constantly die in these games, I just try to take the killer with me. Having said that, out of three people I came second, so I was quite pleased with that. The tutorial was ok but I see why people aren’t keen on the style of the game. It constantly throws insults at you but they aren’t particularly funny. I feel like it TRIES to have a lot of humour and personality rather than just having it. I was queued for a couple of minutes for my match with three people, so I am wondering whether this game struggles with its player base. There are 50% of players that have got the trophy for their first kill, yet there are only 9% that have the trophy for completing 10 matches.

I think it is worth a try if you are interested in the Genre, since it is free, but I personally would rather play Paladins. Between the art style (I love what they tried to do but sometimes the menu screens felt a little overwhelming and too messy and busy) and the gameplay, it almost feels more like a Beta that still needs polishing around the edges.

PS4 – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime_20170727134506

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a couch co-op side scroller for up to four players, developed by Asteroid Base. Anti-love is destroying the Spacetime and it’s up to the lovers to save it. If you, like me, aren’t so keen on side scrollers, I think this one is worth a shot. It is kind of a platformer within a side scroller. It is action packed and exceeded my expectations. In my head I thought it was going to be like Laser Disco Defenders from Mays PS Plus, but other than the colour scheme, it is nothing like it.

All I knew about it going in was that it is suggested a lot when people ask for couch co-op recommendations. Now I know why. The game is simple at its core, you man a spaceship with guns, shields and maps. The tricky part is when you are trying to shoot, shield and navigate at the same time. This is where the multiplayer should get interesting. For me, personally, it is not a game that I am interested in playing on my own. However, I think it could be an absolute BLAST with friends and family. Teamwork is going to be very important to successfully navigate the campaigns and I imagine a lot of shouting, screaming, fist bumps, yelling orders, high fives, and a lot of heated fun. I am very much looking forward to piloting my ship to success once I recruit someone to play with me. It is colourful, frantic, and a great example of how a game in a certain genre can appeal to a wider audience and draw people in who don’t usually enjoy it. The PS4 seriously needs more couch co-op titles, it’s sad how they seem to be dying out.

PS4/Vita – 10 Second Ninja X

10 Second Ninja X_20170727141813

10 Second Ninja X is a fast paced platformer developed by Four Circle Interactive. If you are fan of speed runs, quick thinking and puzzles, this game might be for you. I find myself comparing it to Sonic, not in the way that the game is played, but because, like sonic, the first challenge is memorising the maps, but then executing it is a whole other challenge. See the aim of the game is simple. Clear the level in 10 seconds. And it is so much harder than it sounds.

This game provides an interesting challenge, and as addictive as it feels, it can be equally as frustrating. Between getting electrocuted to death, running out of ninja stars, missing a jump and timing out, the game is quite unforgiving. Take the level I am on right now. I have probably died 50 times just while figuring out how to tackle it. Now that I have figured it out, I have probably died another 50 times just trying to time everything right. If that type of challenge appeals to you then most definitely try out this game. I can see why people like it. Yes, when you keep dying it makes you want to kill someone, but once you finally nail the level, it’s such a feeling of accomplishment. If you are like me and have a fuse the length of.. well.. a level of this game, then you will get frustrated quickly. For the sake of my controllers I have decided not to play on, but I appreciate this game immensely for what it is and I hope that many other people give it a chance and enjoy it.

PS4/Vita – Curses ‘N Chaos

Curses 'N Chaos_20170727144947

Cures ‘N Chaos is a retro, arcade, wave brawler developed by Tribute Games. Anyone who has read any of my previous entries will already have guessed that this game is not at all for me. I didn’t know anything about it going in and based on the icon artwork, I was extremely surprised it is not only 2D, but that very old pixely 2D, and sadly, it really doesn’t look great on a 40+ inch TV. The background was so busy that sometimes I was struggling to see what was going on.

Not only the graphics, but the gameplay wasn’t for me. My favourite games are story based, I have never really been able to get joy out of brawlers and this is no exception. I can’t even tell you whether it is a good brawler because I just don’t know the genre. I CAN say – I preferred playing Streets of Rage on the Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection on PS3 to this. Other details for this game that may be of interest – there is 2P couch co-op, there are more mechanics behind just punch punch punch, with objects and such, but I honestly couldn’t force myself to figure them out. If you are a retro gamer then definitely give it a shot but if not, my honest opinion is just skip it.

PS3 – Alien Rage

Alien Rage is a Sci-Fi FPS developed by CI Games. It has below average to average reviews, notably stating that it doesn’t do anything different to any other FPS and it has quite a high difficulty, which is great for some but not so much for others.

PS3 – Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom

Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom is a 3D adventure platformer developed by Magenta Software. Again, this title has very average reviews. There are 16 characters to play in total to solve puzzles and battle your way through the game.

Summary – This is the first time in my ‘Quest’ that I have had to play all four PS4 games since I don’t own any of them. Honestly, for me, it is a pretty disappointing month. The more I think about it, Drawn to Death was probably going to release as a free game anyway, they could have released it separately and given us another PS4 title with a little more substance. The other PS4 titles – apart from Curse ‘N Chaos – were surprisingly good, just sadly not up my alley. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, however, has made me thirsty for some couch co-op action so I have to be grateful for that!

Did you enjoy Aprils selections? Any favourites? Any disappointments?

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