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As much as I love creating content, I also love consuming it. Here are some recommendations for Let’s Plays, Streams and Podcasts!

christoher odd

Let’s Player. Twitch Streamer. Professional vibe setter.
Odd plays a wide variety of games, and some how he is always good at them too. Strategy, action, narrative based, there is something for everyone. Not afraid to dive into a story, he is always a pleasure to watch.

Left Behind Game Club

Game Podcast.
Designed to recreate the discussion from when a game was first released, this is my favourite gaming podcast. The hosts all have their own individualities which only enhances the conversation, along with their great chemistry. I love how they aren’t afraid to dive into a games story and the episodes always leave me smiling.
Not forgetting – super handy backlog cleaners, taking away my decision paralysis about what to play next.

Luckless Lovelocks

Lets Player. Twitch Streamer. Guaranteed laughs.
For maximum chill and entertainment I can think of nowhere better to go. Playing both mainstream and obscure games, and with a knack for breaking them, Luckless always manages to find the fun and his enthusiasm is infectious.


Twitch Streamer. Writer. Co-founder of Epilogue Games.
Consistently playing a wide variety of games, old and new, indie and AAA, I can always count on their streams as a friendly place to stop by and hang out. Also, a great person to go to for indie recommendations and some great game discussion.

Watch out for Fireballs

Gaming Podcast.
Lots of laughs and deep discussion combined, Watch out for Fireballs has gotten me through a lot of commutes. With a high focus on older games and a few newer titles mixed in, I managed to find coverage of some games that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. Very easy listening and very entertaining.

Cane and Rinse

Gaming Podcast.
Clearly passionate about all things game, Cane and Rinse is a long form podcast that deep dives into games old and new. An educational experience, I always learn something new from their analytical discussions and wide roster of hosts.

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