I love playing games. I may not be very good at them but, you know, god loves a trier and all that. I specifically love the story and exploration sides of games. These are long-form, blind (unless stated otherwise), full (unless stated otherwise) play-throughs. Let’s Play indicates that it was recorded specifically for YouTube where as Let’s Stream means it is a Twitch VOD. I have played more than the games listed here but I couldn’t possibly make a post for them all, if you would like to see more you can check out my Twitch and YouTube Channels!

Let’s Play – Zero Time Dilemma

We completed the Zero Escape series with a full playthrough of Zero Time Dilemma! It took me a while to get used to the different style of this one, but once I did, I was all in. A fun entry to a fun series.

Let’s Play – Jessika

I was going to play this one for Halloween but got the opportunity to jump in earlier! Jessika is a German, Indie, FMV Detective game developed by Tritrie Games. This game first jumped onto my radar at the Steam Game Festival, where it was one of my favourite demos of the Summer Edition 2020. I … Continue reading “Let’s Play – Jessika”

Let’s Play – Curious Expedition 2 – Early Access

My first experience with Curious Expedition 2 was during the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition. Thanks to the developers Maschinen-Mensch, I now have the opportunity to play the full Early Access game! Curious Expedition 2 is a roguelike expedition simulator, an adventure game with board game like elements, and a bit of a story generator. … Continue reading “Let’s Play – Curious Expedition 2 – Early Access”

Let’s Play – Virginia

Virginia has been on my radar for a while despite not really knowing anything about it. I knew it was short, I knew it was a narrative game, I knew it was unique, and that is it! In Virginia we play as FBI Special Agent Anna Tarver, while she takes on a missing persons case, … Continue reading “Let’s Play – Virginia”

Let’s Play – Erica

In my whole time of covering the PS Plus games, this is only the second game I have done a complete series of, following What Remains of Edith Finch. Erica is an FMV mystery thriller, and in classic narrative game style you get to make choices that determine the outcome of your story. I have … Continue reading “Let’s Play – Erica”

Let’s Play – Portal

I managed to go 13 years without getting this game spoiled. Pretty impressive. I am not a fan of first person games but I knew this game was a classic and when I picked it up extremely cheap on Steam I knew I had to play it.. if for any reason for the history lesson. … Continue reading “Let’s Play – Portal”

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